Canelo Alvarez vs Callum Smith Fight PPV Share Bonus Payouts (Revealed)

Canelo Alvarez Smith Purse

The biggest fight after Mike Tyson pay-per-view take place between Canelo Alvarez and Callum Smith. Fight date announced for 19 December and it will take place behind close doors at (San Antonio, United States). Things were changed for Alvarez after signing long-term deal with DAZN and match room promotions. Canelo Alvarez Smith purse payouts based on their boxing contract.

Canelo Alvarez vs Callum Smith Purse Payouts (PPV Boxing Fights)


Guaranteed Payouts

PPV Share

After PPV Bonus money

Canelo Alvarez

$15 million  


$35 million

Callum Smith

$4 million


$7.5 million

It’s not sure that Canelo Alvarez earned the same purse money which is reported last year, according boxing news sources it’s confirmed that this time he will take $35 million. He only make $35 million from the fight with Callum Smith if the pay-per-view sales stay strong on the fight date.

Callum Smith make guaranteed purse for this fight upto $4 million and it will increase maximum to $7.5 million based on pay-per-view share if they stay strong. There will be no income generated from the gateway which will cause problem for the promoters due to covid-19. All given details based Canelo Alvarez Smith purse payouts based on their contract deal and previous payouts at pay-per-view fights.