Daniel Dubois vs Bogdan Dinu Guaranteed Purse Payouts (Confirmed)

Daniel Dubois Dinu Purse P

This upcoming weekend, Daniel Dubois return to boxing ring where he will face opponent (Bogdan Dinu). Things change for British boxer after losing major title fight from opponent (Joe Joyce) in 2020, its a great opportunity for Daniel Dubois to get his reputation back in boxing. The fight take place with limited audience at Telford International Centre, in England. Daniel Dubois Dinu payouts reported for the fight based on their contract with boxing promotions.

Daniel Dubois vs Bogdan Dinu Guaranteed Purse (Confirmed)


Guaranteed Payouts

PPV Share

Total Payout including share revenue

Daniel Dubois



$1.5 million (if ppv share points awarded)

Bogdan Dinu



$600,000 (if ppv share points awarded)

The above details regarding to Daniel Dubois Dinu purse payouts based on their purse bid for the pay-per-view fight. Dubois will earn maximum upto £1.5 million that include pay-per-view share and his opponent Bogdan Dinu earnings maximum upto (£600,000) if pay-per-view sales stay strong on fight day.

Previously, Daniel Dubois earn pay-per-view guaranteed purse upto (£1.5 million) for the fight against Joe Joyce no ppv share reported for the fight. Complete details regarding to both boxers income based on ppv sales, tv sponsorship after fight provided here.