Danny Garcia vs Errol Spence Jr Purse Payouts (Title Fight 6 December 2020)

Danny Garcia Spence Jr Purse

This upcoming weekend Danny Garcia is returning to the ring and he got a great chance to become the two division welterweight champion. The fight of Garcia schedule with Spence Jr behind close doors. In the start of the year Danny Garcia return to the boxing ring and earned $1 million guaranteed purse money. Danny Garcia Spence Jr purse payouts based on their fight promotion deal and purse bid.

Danny Garcia vs Errol Spence Jr Purse Payouts


Guaranteed Purse

PPV Share Revenue

Danny Garcia

$1 million


Errol Spence Jr

$1.5 million


Errol Spence Jr earned career highest purse money for the fight against opponent (Shawn Porter) it is reported that he made $1.2 million guaranteed and 60% from PPV revenue. This upcoming weekend Spence Jr joined the highest paid boxer list once with $1.5 million guaranteed purse and if the pay-per-view sales stay strong he will make $2 million from the title fight.

Danny Garcia currently hold promotional contract deal worth $1 million, he will make guaranteed purse money $1 million from this fight against but earning increased to $1.5 million based on pay-per-view sales. Complete details regarding to both Danny Garica Spence Jr purse payouts updated here after their fight, after ppv sales confirmed. Fox PPV will broadcast (Garica vs Spence Jr fight) in United States.