Danny Garcia vs Ivan Redkach Purse Payouts

Garcia Redkach Purse Payouts

Danny Garcia coming back to the boxing ring on 25th January 2020 it’s official. Ivan Redkach on the other side of the ring. The main pay-per-view schedule for the last week of January. Ivan well known “El Terrible” considered hard hitting boxer. It’s the main card fight and Garcia Ivan purse payouts increased for this fight based on sale of pay-per-view and presence in Barclays Center.

But according to sources Danny Garcia make ($1 million) from the fight and his purse money increased if win’s the fight with (PPV revenue bonus and winning bonus). Ivan purse money for this fight rise to ($500k). Ivan get’s the spotlight in boxing after defeating top boxers such as (Devon Alexander and Tyrone Harris). Garcia and Redkach purse payouts wont include any tv rights money according to sources.

Danny Garcia vs Ivan Redkach Purse Payouts 2020
$1 Million (winning bonus & pay-per-view bonus)
$500,000 (winning bonus)
Dany Garcia vs RedKach Purse Money Earnings 2020

Danny Garcia Guaranteed Purse ($1 million) : In the past fights Danny Garcia earn maximum $1 million purse payout. It’s his first fight in 2020, the winning results increase his purse money to ($1.5 million). Which include $500k winning bonus and pay-per-view shared revenue. He is a huge favorite to defeat Redkach.

Ivan Redkach Guaranteed Purse ($500,000) : Ivan Redkach guaranteed purse upto ($500k) and if he manage to defeat Garcia on 25th January, his earnings will be double and received overall purse upto ($750k) which include winning bonus. Currently no details provided how much boxers earn from the gateway income and pay-per-view sales. In an interview Garcia said “I watched some of his fights, he defeated two time champion Devon Alexander, he is a tough fighter and competitor who i expect to bring the best out of me and he’s someone who deserve the opportunity”.

The financial information based on the reports about the previous fights purse money earned by both boxers. The purse data collected from trusted sources of boxing.

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