Derek Chisora vs Joseph Parker Guaranteed Purse Payouts (WBO Inter-Continental heavyweight title fight)

Derek Chisora Parker Purse

This weekend, Derek Chisora return to boxing his fight schedule with New Zealand heavyweight boxer (Joseph Parker) who recently change his trainer. Last year in 2020, Chisora suffer major defeat from Ukrainian professional boxer (Oleksandr Usyk) and lost WBO Inter-Continental heavyweight title. It’s a golden opportunity for British boxer to earn the title (WBO Inter-Continental heavyweight) back but for that he need to defeat Parker. Derek Chisora Parker purse payouts reported.

Dereck Chisora vs Joseph Parker Purse Payouts (Confirmed)


Guaranteed Payouts

PPV Share

Total Payout including share revenue

Dereck Chisora

£2.5 million


£5 million (including pay-per-view bonus)

Joseph Parker

£1 million


£2.5 million (including ppv bonus share)

Things change for Derek Chisora, after losing previous title fight from Oleksandr Usyk. His purse money reported (£4.5 million) guaranteed for Usyk fight. But this upcoming weekend, guaranteed purse of (£2.5 million) adjusted for British boxer and his total payout based on pay-per-view sales increased to (£5 million) estimated. Boxing promoters never revealed actual pay-per-view share points for boxer.

Joseph Parker, return to boxing ring after February 2021, he recently dominate against home country boxer (Junior Fa) and become the new WBO Oriental heavyweight champion. He earned purse money ($1.5 million) for that fight. Parker will earn (£1 million) guaranteed purse for the fight against British boxer, his overall payouts increase to (£2.5 million) based on pay-per-view sales. If any changes made to the current Derek Chisora Parker purse payouts details will be updated here later.