Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather Jr Purse Payouts (6 June 2021)

Floyd Mayweather Jr Paul purse

Floyd Mayweather Jr return to boxing ring after coming back from retirement, his upcoming fight categorized as “exhibition” main-card. It’s not the first time that undefeated Mayweather Jr participated in an exhibition fight, he previously defeat Japanese boxer (Tenshin Nasukawa) in a fight. As per boxing news sources, Mayweather Jr earned $85 million for the fight with Tenshin Nasukawa. This time, his fight pay-per-view revenue share exceed and reports confirmed that he will make $100 million from the fight with Logan Paul. Floyd Mayweather Jr Paul purse payouts reported.

Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Logan Paul Purse Payouts (Confirmed)


Guaranteed Payouts

PPV Share

Total Payout including share revenue

Floyd Mayweather Jr

$30 million


$150 million (ppv share points awarded)

Logan Paul

$5 million


$15 million (ppv share points awarded)

Currently no details public about Floyd Mayweather Jr and Logan Paul pay-per-view card fighters, but guaranteed salary Mayweather Jr received in previous fight and exhibition fight upto $30 million and his earnings will increased to $150 million based on pay-per-view points. The pay-per-view points share will be different for both competitors, Mayweather get more from pay-per-view sales and promotions. While the earnings of Logan Paul compare to his opponent not exceed more $20 million.

More accurate numbers regarding to both boxers payout will be confirmed after their fight, when gateway income and pay-per-view sales reports will be released. The above details based on Floyd Mayweather Jr Paul purse payouts based on their guaranteed salaries for fights they previously received.