Mikey Garcia vs Jessie Vargas Purse Payouts

Garcia Vargas Purse Payouts

Mikey Garcia returning to the boxing ring after facing defeat in his last fight from (Errol Spence Jr) in 2019. Garcia take on Jassie Vargas in main card fight on this upcoming weekend. Vargas making his return to the boxing ring after nine months. In his previous fight in 2019, Vargas managed to Humberto Soto. Garcia Vargas purse payouts details not confirmed yet.

Mikey Garcia average purse per fight in 2019, reported $1 million. He make $1 million against opponent (Robert Easter Jr) after winning and retain WBC lightweight championship. Vargas make $1.2 million from the fight against Soto.

Garcia Vargas Purse Payouts 2020 (Fight)
Purse Payouts
$7 million
$1.2 million

Mikey Garcia Guaranteed Purse ($7 million): Garcia estimated earnings from the fight will be $1 million but earnings might increased. Because promoters paid boxers international tv rights money and pay-per-view money share. Garcia purse reported for the fight in 2020 by sources, $7 million which is due to his short term deal with new promoters.

Jessi Varagas Guaranteed Purse ($1.2 million): Vargas make big money from the fight held on 29th February at Ford Center at The Star in USA. He make $1 million per fight since 2017. He received PPV split share upto 60% after becoming champion. But for his current fight in 2020, no information updated how much he will earn from pay-per-view sales revenue.

Both boxers purse payout information gathered from trusted sources of boxing. If any changes made to their current guaranteed purse, the information later updated here.