Philip Bowes vs Akeem Ennis Brown Purse Payouts

Bowes Ennis Brown Purse

Boxing fights re-schedule, Philip Bowes making return to boxing ring after 30 March 2019, his upcoming fight schedule with Akeem Ennis Brown. The fight held on 2nd September at Wakefield, England. The fight began at (2:00 PM ET) in United States. ESPN+ hold the official coverage rights for the fight. Bowes Ennis Brown purse payouts for the fight based on the pay-per-view sales.

Boxers mostly earn what they agreed for the purse bid before the fight. But some promoters pay more money to them on base of the sale of pay-per-view if it stay strong on fight day sales. Currently no details revealed that either one of them received any share from pay-per-view sales.

Philip Bowes vs Akeem Ennis Brown Purse Payouts


Purse Payout

PPV Bonus

Philip Bowes


Not Reported

Akeem Ennis Brown


Not Reported

Philip Bowes will make £150,000 money from the fight while his opponent Akeem Ennis Brown will make £50,000 as it’s his first major pay-per-view fight of the career for (Commonwealth super-lightweight title) and British super-lightweight title. In United Kingdom the fight of (Philip Bowes vs Akeem Ennis) broadcast on IFL TV. Mostly fights held in the month of September and October held behind close doors all money generated through pay-per-view sales and international tv rights.