Sergey Lipinets vs Custio Clayton Purse Payouts

Lipinets Clayton Purse Payout

Boxing fights that take place in Summary now held in the month of October and November 2020. Sergey Lipinets the top professional boxer from Kazakhstan who recently turned boxer from (kickboxing) sport will fight Custio Clayton for IBF interim welterweight title. Lipinets Clayton purse payouts based on their agreed contract deal with promoters.

Sergey Lipinets vs Custio Clayton Purse Payouts


Guaranteed Money

Winning Bonus

Sergey Lipinets



Custio Clayton



Sergey Lipinets currently working hard to retain his winning streak in boxing. He recently defeat Jayar Inson in non-title fight, the fight take place under-card of Manny Pacquiao vs Keith Thurman. After pay-per-view fight event ended it’s been reported that Sergey Lipinets earned $250k purse. His purse increased for the fight with (Custio Clayton).

Custio Clayton, who is current defending champion of IBF interim welterweight will make $250,000 from this pay-per-view fight. Showtime ppv hold official TV coverage rights for this fight. It will take place behind close doors which means no gateway income generated. Both Lipinets Clayton purse payouts updated after fight include ppv share money if released after the fight. The pay-per-view share money paid to the boxer if the sales on fight fight day stay strong.