IPL vs PSL vs BPL Prize Money Comparison Table


Indian Premier League and Pakistan Premier League its all about two cricket nations Pakistan and India. IPL began in 2008, become the most popular cricket league in the world. The average attendance increased from 28,000 to 35,000 per IPL match. The salary factor play important role that attracts top cricketers worldwide to join the league. IPL PSL BPL 2020 prize money announced before the tournament began.

IPL prize money increased $7.2 million from $3.5 million for overall tournament. PSL prize money increased from $650,000 to $1 million for overall tournament. IPL fourth place standing team earn $1.8 million and while PSL winning team share is maximum $600,000. Further details of Prize money of both leagues mention.

$2.9 million
$1.8 million
3rd Place
$1.3 million
4th Place
$1.3 million
Players Pool Money
50% prize money share
Man of the Match
Man of the Series
Total Prize Money
$7.2 Million
$1 million
$1.55 million

In the above table you can see the IPL PSL BPL prize money 2020, all three leagues currently most watch in Asia continent. IPL leads the list with $2.9 million for the champions and than Bangladesh premier league with $850k for the champions.

IPl 2020 Players Pool Money

IPL 2020 Winners Prize Money ($2.9 million) The team who won IPL 2020 season received the winning share of $2.9 million from overall prize fund ($7.2 million). Runner-up in IPl 2020 get paid $1.8 million. IPL prize money 75% more than PSL and BPL tournament in year 2020. BCCI efforts to promote the league and more sponsorship deals can bring more money for the teams in near future.

PSL 2020 Player of the Prize money

PSL 2020 Winners Prize Money ($600,000) PSL 2020 winning team received $600,000 winning share from overall $1 million prize money which announced in the start of 2nd week of February 2020. Runner-up PSL 2020 team earn ($200,000) prize money which is 33% less than IPL runner-ups and 12% less compared to BPL runner-ups share in prize money.

BPL 2020 Players Pool Money

BPL 2020 Winners Prize Money ($850,000) Rumors that no prize money awarded to Bangladesh leagues teams in 2019-20 season but according to last season 2018-17 in BPL winners earn $850,000 and runner-ups in the tournament received $350,000. BPL prize fund $1.55 million is overall adjusted for the tournament and its 23% more than Pakistan super league 2020 prize money ($1 million).

All information of cricket leagues prize money collected from trusted sources. The prize money for the future tournaments may differ it depends how the board decide the overall fund for the cricket tournaments.

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