ICC Women’s T20 World Cup 2020 Prize Money

ICC Women's T20 WC Prize money

ICC makes a bigger move in the women cricket competition. ICC increased the prize money for the women T20 world cup 2020. The upcoming world cup take place in Australia where best women cricket teams will participate. After tennis and football women get rise in the salaries and prize money in cricket.

The team who wins the T20 world will received $1 million as prize money. Runner-ups finishing behind the winners will collect $500,000. The amount is 5 times bigger than the previous competition. Almost 320% increase in the prize money make it expensive cricket tournament for the women.

ICC Women’s T20 World Cup 2020 Prize Money (Revealed)
Stages Summary Prize Money
Winners 1 Team $1 million
Runner-ups 1 Team (Losing finalist) $500,000
Semi Finalist 4 teams (each losing semi finalist) $165,000
Quarter Finalist 8 Teams (4 losing teams) $80,000
Group Stage Winner Knockout $30,000
Group Stage Losing  Qualified for Quarter Finals $20,000

Increase in the prize money for the women and men’s competition is to develop the cricket knowledge worldwide according “ICC officials”. They were considering extra $1 million pot for 2021 T20 world cup which makes prize money $2 million for women competition. All these development and future project discussed in ICC Board meetings in Dubai.