Alex Telles Contract Deal with Manchester United

Alex Telles Contract Deal

Manchester United, signed another left back during transfer window 2020. On the transfer deadline date, clubs make possible moves, Manchester United reported to pay £15.4 million for the transfer fees of Alex Telles. He become 3rd most paid defender in club with weekly wage believed to be (£150k) a week. Alex Telles contract deal with Manchester United is for four years.

It’s been reported that, Alex Telles signed 4 years contract deal with Manchester United. His current market value increased from £30 million to £45 million after holding deal with English premier league club. In 2011, his professional career as football player began with (Juventude) club.

Alex Telles Deal with Manchester United 2020-24


Base Salary

Weekly Wage


Contract Worth

Contract Term

Alex Telles

£7.2 million



£32 million


Before joining Manchester United in 2020, he played for top football clubs (Inter Milan) on loan-transfer deal, Galatasaray on two year contract (2014-16) on transfer fees €6 million he signed the contract with Turkish team that will keep him until 2018 but later moved to FC Porto.

FC Porto signed him from Galatasaray on record transfer deal of (€6.5 million) reported. He signed five year deal with FC Porto and scored 21 goals in 129 match appearances. Alex Telles contract deal with Manchester United details taken from top football sources. The figures for transfer fees may not be accurate because club not fully disclosed the terms and condition of players transfer moves.