Fifa Club World Cup 2020 Prize Money (Winners Share)

Club World Cup Money

The Fifa Club World Cup 2020 announced according to news sources the event take place in Qatar. The 17th edition take place behind the close doors , the dates yet to be confirmed. Liverpool the defending champions of Fifa club world cup can not defend their title as they got eliminated last season from Champions league. Bayern Munich were the favorites club world cup 2020. A source reported that there will be increase in the Fifa Club World Cup 2020 prize money upto 25% this season.

According to news sources, the winning team will received prize money $6 million and extra bonus money $4 million. The runner-ups in 2020, club world cup received their share of $5 million. Teams who got eliminated in the early rounds received their share of $2.5 million.

FIFA Club World Cup 2020 Prize Money


Purse Money


$6 million (add on $4 million bonus)


$5 million

Third Place

$4 million

Fourth Place

$3 million

5th Place

$2.5 million

6th Place

$2.5 million

7th Place

$2.5 million

Overall Prize Money

$29.5 million

Liverpool after winning the club world cup title last season received their share of $5 million. Flamengo who lost the final match from Liverpool earn their runners-up share ($4 million). The purse fund of club world cup 2020 distributed among 7 teams according to their position in the competition.

It’s been reported that Fifa CWC 2020 take place in December, the schedules will be released in November Bayern Munich, Al-Duhail two teams qualified for the tournament. Qatar is hosting the club world cup to prepare themselves for upcoming Fifa World Cup 2022.

The CWC 2019 purse share for the winners last year is $5 million but received extra bonus money upto $4 million to $5 million based on tv revenue and gateway income share. If any changes made to the current to the FIfa club world cup 2020 prize money details updated here later.