Fifa Club World Cup 2021 Prize Money

Liverpool is appearing in the tournament after 2005. They are currently undefeated in the league and hopeful to lift another major trophy club world cup 2021. Qatar the hosts of the club world cup hopeful to see a big audience in the stadiums. How much money each team earn for particapting and winning the competition.

Club World Cup Prize Money 2020

In 2000, the prize money for the tournament announced is $28 million for all particapants. In 2005, the tournamnet re-launched. The prize money dropped from $28 million to $16 million for all competitors. According to the report of (The Money) there is only .5% increase in the total prize money of the tournament.

Which is distributed among the teams according to their torunament progress. The winning team will bag $5 million at the end of the tournamnet and runner-ups will take $4 million with them. In the earlier addition of this tournament no details for the 6th and 7th place team prize money.

Fifa Club World Cup 2021 Prize Money 
Stages Singles
Champions (Liverpool) $5 Million
Runner-ups (Flamengo) $4 Million
Third Place team (Monterrey) $2.5 Million
Fourth Place team (Al-Hilal) $2 Million
Fifth Place team (Espérance de Tunis) $1.5 Million
Sixth Place team (Al-Sadd) $1 Million
Seventh Place team (Hienghène Sport) $0.5 million
Total Prize Money $16.5 Million

In previous addition of from 2008-2018 there is a prize money adjustment for 7th place and 6th place teams who earn $1.5 million. Third place team will collect $2.5 million and fourth place team collect $2 million. Fifth Place team earn $1.5 million

No more update about prize money after 2008 tournament. Liverpool are the faviorutes for tournament and club has shown some great performances in champions league and confirm their place in club world cup after 13 years. Al-Sadd, Monterrey and Espérance de Tunis will be a good competitors for the English side in December. There are only two teams left to qualifity from (AFC and CONMBOL) confederations.