Copa America 2021 Prize Money

Copa America 2021 Prize

Covid-19 impact the sports events worldwide, one of them is Copa America, the event dates changed from 2020 to 2021 and also Colombia removed from hosting the event. According to news sources, Copa America 2021 prize money reported ($6.5 million) for the winners and $4 million distributed among the runner-up.

Copa America 2021 Prize Money (Confirmed)


Prize Money Share


$7 million


$4 million

3rd Place

$3 million

4th Place

$2 million

Quarter Finalist

$1.5 million

Qualified Teams

$2 million

Total Prize Money

$19.5 million

Each team who qualified and participate in the upcoming Copa America 2021, received $2 million participation fees. The teams who could not make to final four of the competition received $1.5 million. Third place team in Copa America 2021, received their share $3 million and 4th place team awarded with $2 million purse money. Complete details regarding Copa America 2021 purse money reported last year before the event called-off. If any changes made to the competition payouts for the participants details updated here later.