Copa America 2020 Prize Money & Winners Share

Copa America Prize Money

Copa America 2020 held in June and July hosted by Argentina and Colombia. Total 12 teams from 2 different confederations participate this year in tournament. The Copa America prize money for the 2020 tournament increased. Prize money details for the competition changed before each tournament.

Total prize money of $10 million suggested for the tournament which later equally distributed among top 4 teams of competition. In 2015 the winners share ($4 million) and runner-ups received ($2 million). In 2016, Copa America Centenario prize fund increased $6.5 million for winners.


$7 Million

$4 million

3rd Place Team
$3 million

4th Place Team
$2 million

Quarter finalist
$1.5 Million

Qualified teams
$2 million (each team qualified for Copa America)

Total Prize Money
$19.5 million

Copa America Winners Prize Money ($7 Million): In the above table you can see the actual prize money for the Copa America. Last year winning team of Copa America received ($7 million) and runner-ups rewarded ($4 million) prize money. The teams who will play the tournament each of them earn $2 million for participation fees.

Copa America 2020 Winners Prize Money

The team finished at third place earn ($3 million). Team who lost third place match and stand 4th in points table earn ($2 million). All four teams who knocked out of quarter final received ($1.5 million) prize money.

All information regarding to the prize money of Copa America 2020 taken from top sources of football. The above table prize money data based on prize money public report of (2015), (2016), (2019). If any changes made to the total prize money of tournament updated here later.

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