DFB Pokal Prize Money

DFB Pokal began with the 64 teams qualification from German League. But how much prize money paid to the winners and participants of the cup. A report revealed the detail of prize money adjusted for tournament. All 64 teams who participate collects (€140,000) for qualification from DFB pokal prize money.

DFB Pokal Prize Money 2020
Stages Prize Money
Round of 64€140,000 (All 64 Teams)
Round of 32€268,000 
Round of 16€527,000 (16 Teams)
Quarter Finals€1.04 million (8 Teams)
Semi-Finals€2.07 Million (4 teams)
Runner-ups€2.4 Million
Winners€3.02 Million

The teams who made through to round of 32, earn (€268,000). Each team who qualified for the round of 16, collect (€527,000). Quarter finalist of the DFB Pokal receive €1.04 million and semi finalist clubs will receive €2.07 million to reach the last four of the tournament.

There is currently no information available about the winners share and runner-ups. The above information taken from a report published by Tsmportz, Wikipedia and DFB.de. According to DFB report there is no exact amount adjusted which is divided among the two finalist at Berlin’s Olympic stadium on the final day.

Changes might be made to the prize fund of DFB pokal because each year new tv channels included in the coverage rights. A fixed amount of tv rights money paid to the Bundesliga teams. DFB pokal estimated prize money more than MLS Cup winners, Coppa Italia and Coupe de France.