The Ten Most Expensive Kit Deals in Football 2022

Football Expensive Kit Deals 2020

Football clubs signed expensive kit deals with manufactures. Real Madrid signed new deal of (£110m) million for a decade. According to Independent news the deal will be total valued at (£1 billion). Manchester United kit deal value for £750m for 10 years.

10 Most Expensive Kit Deals 2022(Revealed)
Teams Supplier Value Long-term (Value) Contract
Real Madrid Adidas £110 Million £1 Billion 2020-2030
Barcelona Nike £100 Million £950 Million 2018-2028
Liverpool Nike (unofficial) £75 Million £750 Million 2020-2030
Manchester United Adidas £75 Million £750 Million 2015-2025
Manchester City (un-confirmed) Puma £65 Million £650 Million 2018-2028
Chelsea Nike £60 Million £900 Million 2017-2032
Arsenal Puma  £60 Million £300 Million 2019-2024
Juventus Adidas £46 Million £368 Million 2019-2027
Bayern Munich Adidas £42.5 Million £635 Million 2015-2030
Tottenham Hotspur Nike £30 Million £480 Million 2017-2033
PSG Nike £19 Million £171 Million 2013-2022

Real Madrid 10 year’s long kit deal with Adidas makes them most earning club from kits sales. The deal is currently unannounced but in next few days more information will be available. Arch rivals of Madrid, Barcelona signed 10 year long deal with Nike. Barcelona earn £100 million each year from the kit makers.

Real Madrid kit deal 2020 $1.5 billion

Real Madrid Kit Deal Adidas Worth (£1 Billion): Real Madrid new kit deal which is not yet confirmed but according to football sources it will later public. Adidas deal with 10 year long-term deal worth (£1 Billion) which is 5 times more then previous kit deal of Madrid.

Barcelona Kit deal worth 100 million with Nike

Barcelona Kit Deal Nike Worth (£950 million): Barcelona in 2018, signed a new kit deal with Nike for 10 years long-term deal. The deal considered most valuable in 2018, Barcelona leads the list with annual earnings £100 Million each year from Nike.

Man Utd Kit deal with adidas $700 million worth

Manchester United Kit Deal Adidas Worth (£750 million): Manchester United the third most popular football club who joined the race of the most expensive kit deals. Adidas signed £750 million deal with Manchester United for 10 year-long term deal. Which brings £75 Million each year to club account.

Clubs Kit Deals (Unannounced): Many big football clubs from German Bundesliga, Italian Serie A, Premier League and Spanish La liga won’t announced their kit deals untill the season over or its confirmed. Lazio, Napoli, Everton, Leicester City, Borussia Dortmund, AS Monaco, listed among the richest clubs of the world but so far no information revealed about their deals with kit makers. The above deals of football clubs with kit makers helps to maintain the balance in the club wages and income profit. The millions of pounds paid at the end of the year helps clubs to brand themselves and also in wage bill’s.

The above details of kit makers deals with football clubs taken from trusted sources of football. The financial data of clubs never public but recently a top new sites of UK, Spain and USA publish articles about 10 most valuable kits.