Gareth Bale Loan Deal with Tottenham Until 2021

Gareth Bale Loan Deal

Jose Mourinho made another change to his team signed Gareth Bale on loan transfer deal from Real Madrid. The club engaged with Midfielder before the season started. It’s confirmed that Bale one year loan deal until June 2021 accepted. Eden Hazard and Gareth Bale two hold most expensive contract in Real Madrid. Harry Kane stay best paid player in the current Spurs squad with (£12 million) base salary. Gareth Bale loan contract deal confirmed on 19th September.

Gareth Bale Loan Deal Tottenham Until 2021


Weekly Wage

Base Salary


Contract Ending

Gareth Bale


£9.5 million



Gareth Bale will earn £9 million at Tottenham on loan deal. It’s reported that he will received weekly wage (£220k) at Spurs. Tottenham who could not make to top four place in premier league season and lost their champions league spot to Chelsea and Manchester United. After making back to back two major signings from Real Madrid challenging them this season for champions league spot.

Bale make his debut against (Southampton) on 20th September. His old team mater (Sergio Reguilón) who permanently joined Tottenham also part of the starting line-up on Sunday. Tottenham will play wage of £220k while (£380k) paid by Real Madrid to Welsh midfielder in 2020-21. The details based on Gareth Bale loan contract deal with Tottenham collected from trusted football sources.