Most LA Galaxy Expensive Signings of All-time

LA Galaxy Expensive Signings

LA Galaxy set the trend of bringing super star football players from other countries. They have signed David Beckham in year 2007 from Real Madrid. According to sources, his deal with club worth of ($250 million). He get paid annual salary of $6.5 million which 50% more at that time then any other player in MLS. Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez other two players who listed among LA Galaxy Expensive Signings of all time.

LA Galaxy Most Expensive Signings of all-time
Guaranteed Salary
Transfer Fees
Contract Years
David Beckham
$50 million
$250 million
2007-2012 (5 years)
Javier Hernandez
$7.2 million
$9.4 million
2022 (3 year)
Zlatan Ibrahimovic
$7.2 million
2019 (1 year)
David Beckham contract worth $250 million La Galaxy

David Beckham Guaranteed Salary ($6.5 million) 2007-2012 : Beckham made highest paid list of MLS league in year 2017. His contract deal with LA Galaxy for five years worth $250 million. His actual salary is upto $50 million which include 50% of revenue share from (LA Galaxy) football club.

Javier Hernandez Guaranteed Salary ($7.2 million) 2020-2022 : Hernandez sign three year deal with the team of LA Galaxy after Ibrahimovic moved back to AC Milan in the start of new season of MLS league. His contract worth of $21.6 million no revenue share for him in LA Galaxy.

Zaltan Ibrahimovic Guaranteed Salary ($7.2 million) 2019 : Ibrahimovic recently joined the team of AC Milan on free transfer, he signed contract for six months later extended it. Before joining the team of Galaxy, he earned $27 million from his contract with clubs. Ibrahimovic got 95% heavy pay cut in MLS league earn $1.3 million from base salary $7.2 million as reported by sources.