Major League Soccer Prize Money | Distribution Table

MLS 2020 Players prize money

Major League Soccer recently gain huge fan following worldwide. Many new fans from Asia, Africa and Europe supporting clubs of MLS. Massive hike in the tickets sales generated compared to last five years. A fixed prize money for the MLS team paid on base of their standings in the league. Major League Soccer Prize money 2022 reported.

Stages Prize Money (per player)
Regular Season Conference Champion$35,000
Playoff’s Qualifiers (Losing teams)$20,000
Regular Season Match Winning Bonus$7,500
Supporters’ Shield winner (Bonus)$135,000

The prize money mostly award to the club players for winning the league or MLS Cup. Major League Soccer cup winner’s received ($275,000) as winning share which is later distributed among the players.

MLS clubs earn big money from tickets revenue and tv deal. Football players of each team earn ($7,500) per match for winning. MLS player earn extra ($262k) for winning matches. Total 34 matches played in Western and Eastern conference.

New York City FC and Los Angeles FC won their conference last season 2019. Each player from the both team earn $35,000 as conference winning bonus money. Coppa Italia winners earn 25% more money (source) compared to MLS league winners.

Supporters’ Shield Winning Team Bonus:
The team who win’s the supporters shield earn $50,000 in 2016 competition. But in 2017, the prize money for the shield winners increased $100,000k now winning team players received ($150k) share. The financial details mls prze money taken from trusted souces (Fox Sports, Forbes, The Richest, Football Finance and Sports Business Fr). If there any changes to prize money it will be updated here later.