Premier League Clubs Wage Bills | How Much Clubs Spend on Players Salaries

Premier League Teams Expenses 2020

Premier League teams spend big money on players in transfer window. Recently a report revealed the total wages of Premier league clubs. According to which Manchester United leads the list with annual wage bill with (£332 million). Even with this high wage bill Manchester United facing difficult to reach top 4. Premier League Clubs Wage Bills reported in start 2021-22.

Liverpool hold’s 2nd position with wage bill of (£264 million). Club bring new players to maintain the squad and challenge for EPL title in 2020. Third highest and most expensive wage bill (Manchester City) reported by The Sun UK. Man City paying £260 million in wages.

Clubs Total Wage Bill’s
Manchester United£365 million
Liverpool£285 million
Manchester City£300 million
Chelsea£244 million
Arsenal£223 million
Tottenham£148 million
Everton£89.5 million
Leicester City£72.62 million
Crystal Palace£66.8 million
Southampton£60 million
West Ham United£57.46 million
Watford£45.91 million
Burnley£41.70 million
Norwich City£40.44 million
Newcastle United£37.96 million
Brighton£36.21 million
Wolves£35 million
Aston Villa£44 million
Brentford£16 million
Watford£15 million

In the above table you can see the wage bills of All premier league clubs 2019-20. Manchester United paying highest money to Chile center forward Alexis Sanchez (£510,000) weekly wage. Recently Man Utd sent him on loan deal to Inter Milan. Club also sold Lakaku to inter Milan to lower the year wage bill. See how much Manchester United paying salaries to the player 2019-20 season.

Details of Premier League Club Wage Bills 2022 | updated after transfer window (January 2022) |

Sheffield United got the lowest wage bill in premier league. Club managed the staff salaries inbetween (£13.1 million) a year. Even with this small budget wage they managed to maintain their position in top 10 of premier league.

Norwich City Football Club wage bill 2020

Norwich City got 2nd lowest wage bill after (Sheffield United). Club is currently facing relegation problems with 12 points and only 21 games left. Teemu Pukki highest paid player in the squad.