PSG Renew 10 Years Deal with Fanatics (Largest Merchandise Contract) 2020

PSG 10 Years Deal Fanatics

Paris Saint-Germain renew their deal with Fanatics an online (E-commerce). According to news sources, the new deal give more control of the clubs manufacturing and the master licences for PSG team merchandise. Before this deal Paris Saint-Germain signed $91 million deal with Nike in June 2019 before the season continue. PSG 10 years deal Fanatics make the most expensive football club.

No official details relevant to PSG 10 years deal Fanatics (e-commerce) revealed yet. But a source claimed that club will make ($56 million) each year. The deal earnings might be 10 times more than this because it all depends how the merchandise sale. The deal with Qatar Sports Investments and Fanatics will bring PSG numbers higher in among the most valuable football teams in the world.

During the past decade PSG value increased more than any other soccer teams. A big fan base of PSG football team is based in India, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong and Thailand. PSG players salaries increased 10 times more compare to other leagues teams (Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Juventus and Bayern Munich). These deals helps the club to clear the wage bills of players.

The above information based on how much PSG benefited each year from this deal is gathered from trusted information. The club worth value is based on “Forbes” report for most valuable football teams in 2020.