PSG vs Bayern Munich Champions League Prize Money Share 2020

PSG Bayern Munich Prize

Paris-Saint Germain reached the final of champions league 2019-20 alongside Bayern Munich. How much money both of these clubs earn for playing final. Last year, when Liverpool crowned the champions, they received (€19 million) but earnings reached double after include tv revenue money for the club. The runner-ups Tottenham Hotspur received their share (€15 million). PSG Bayern Munich prize money 2020 will be more compare to Liverpool and Tottenham.

Because clubs wont received any share this year from the tickets gateway income because of covid-19 pandemic. The match played behind close doors, the clubs may receive bit extra earnings from tv revenue share based on international rights. In 2014-15 final, when Juventus received highest prize money share (€89.1 million) which include (€58 million) based on tv revenue and tickets share. Barcelona the winners of champions league received (€25.5 million) from tickets revenue and tv rights.

Details PSG & Bayern Munich Earning In 2019-20 Champions League


Bayern Munich Prize Money

PSG Prize Money

Base Fees

€15.25 million

€15.25 million

Group Match Fees

€16.2 million

€13 million

Runner-up Share


€15 million

Winner Share

€19 million


TV Revenue

€40 (estimated)

€25 million

Gateway Income



Overall Market Pool Money

€90 million

€68.25 million

Note: this is estimated amount of market pool money adjusted for 2020 champions league winners based (2014-15 and 2017-18) winners earnings from television revenue.

PSG earn (€13 million) after winning five games in the group table, each game bring (€2.7 million) to their account. Bayern Munich who are undefeated in champions league earned (€16.2 million) from all their six games in group stages. A football news source, in the start of the champions league season reported that best team can earn upto €92.5 million this year (market pool, Base fees, tv revenue and group stage).

All information based on PSG Bayern Munich prize money in champions league gathered from trusted sources. Full details updated here once the match complete champions announced. How much each club earn in champions league 2019-20 find out here (Source).