UEFA Euro 2020 Official Kits (Home & Away)

UEFA Euro 2020 Kits Leaked Online

UEFA Euro 2020 the major tournament held among the top 24 teams of Europe. All team’s looking forward to released their kits before the event. Many teams kits were leaked online. Just before the year 2019 going to end many teams away and home UEFA Euro 2020 kits revealed online.

According football new’s sites Adidas and Puma released half of their kits months before Euro 2020. Nike and other kit manufacturers released official kit details closer to the month of March. The kit details taken from trusted sources. Reports, about UEFA Euro 2020 kits official released date said to be month April & March 2020.

Austria Euro 2020 Kit reveal

Austria revealed online, comes with a unique design and color combination of sea blue and black. Puma are the kit makers for the Austria (home and away) for Euro 2020. The logo is visible and comes with black, white and red edition.

Belgium Home & Away Kit (Adidas):

Belgium Home and Away kit 2020 designs
Belgium home and away both kits revealed online. The home kit comes with red edition black stripes in multiple design can seen on the shirt. Three color’s used for the home kit design (Yellow, Black and Red). Adidas bring a unique style of stripes both red and black in front. Currently it’s not official kit’s But in next one month official kits for Euro 2020 will be confirmed. The away kit featured in white color, there is two line red stripe’s design on the shoulder and logo of Adidas printed in black color.

Switzerland Euro 2020 Home & Away Kit Leaked(Puma):

Switzerland Home & Away Kits Euro 2020
The new home kit of Switzerland football team leaked online, the kit feature dark red color and white stripes on front and shoulder. Puma brings a new stripe design to the kit. Switzerland away kit comes with white edition having four layers of different colors stripes light pink, green, red and light grey in the front. The logo of kit makers (Puma) featured in dark red color.

Sweden Euro 2020 Home Kit Leaked (Adidas):

Sweden Euro 2020 Kits Home leaked
Sweden qualified for the Euro 2020, their kit’s for the European championship designed by Adidas. The home kit recently revealed online featured in Yellow color have two stripes on the arms (dark sea blue and sky blue color). Three black color layers stripes on the shoulders and Adidas logo also printed in black color.

Spain Euro 2020 Home& Away Kit Leaked (Adidas):

Spain Home & Away Kits for Euro 2020
Adidas are the official kit makers for Spain team shirts. The home shirt of Spain comes with red color featuring yellow three stripe design on the shoulder and logo’s printed in yellow color. The away kit of Spain for Euro 2020 said to be in White color logo’s printed in red color edition and stripes designs on arms is just like Spain official flag.

Russia Euro 2020 Home Kit Leaked (Adidas):

Russia Adidas 2020 Euro Kits
Russia confirmed their place for the Euro 2020 competition. Their new kit’s designed by Adidas. Home kit recently leaked online featuring light red and dark red color combination. Two style stripes in blue and white featured on arms and white stripes featured on shoulders.

Portugal Euro 2020 Home Kit Leaked (Nike):

Portugal Euro 2020 Kit's Leaked
Portugal the current defending champions of UEFA European championship defend title once again. Their new kits for Euro 2020 designed by Nike the home kit comes in light sea green color and single stripe design printed on the arms. More details about the away kit’s updated here soon.
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