Supercopa de España Prize Money

Spanish Super Cup Winners Share

Spanish Super Cup take place this year in Saudi Arabia in (Jeddah). Two teams feature in the cup. LA Liga winners (2018-19) and Copa del Rey winners (2018-19). Schedules for the upcoming Super Cup released where Barcelona, Madrid, Atletico and Valencia during (8-12 January). Spanish Super Cup prize money three times double this year for LA Liga teams.

According football sources Spanish Super Cup featuring four teams this year earn more than (€3 million). A report revealed that €12 million is total Spanish super cup prize money adjusted for the tournament. But how much the winning team and runner-ups earn in the competition.

Stage Prize Money US$
Champions €3.8 million (semi final prize money included)
Runner-ups €2.8 million (semi final prize money included)
Semi Finalist Winning Teams €800,000
Semi Finalist Losing Teams€800,000
Total Prize Money€12 Million

The winners of the Spanish Super Cup 2022 earn (€3.8 million). The team who suffer defeat in the final and ends up as runner-ups pocket (€2.8 million). Both two teams who reached the final also received €800k which is adjusted for all 4 teams who win or lost. The semi final losing sides earn €800k.

The additional prize money which is not explained according to reports went to (Royal Spanish Football Federation) for organizing the event in Saudi Arabia. Earlier the money generated from the TV rights and tickets sales revenue went to (RSFF).

If a team Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid or Valencia won any of them won Copa del Rey alongside Spanish Cup. The winning team players awarded with prize money (€250,000). Prize money of Copa del Rey (source) only guarantee if the winning team won any other cup alongside it.

All the details of Spanish Super Cup prize money taken from trusted sources of football. In previous no information regarding to fund distribution available. This year tournament moved from Spain to Saudi Arabia. Tickets and tv rights money share information still not available how much finalist team received share tickets sales.