UEFA Euro 2020 Team Squads (Release Date)

UEFA Euro 2020 Squads

Euro 2020 starting from 12th June and final played on 12th July. The organizers announced the deadline date to announced their team squads. All teams who qualified for Euro 2020, need to confirmed their 23 players list including three goal-keepers 10 days before the start of the tournaments. UEFA Euro 2020 squads official date set between 15th May to 31st May 2020.

In the above table you can see the list of all 24 teams, who qualified for Euro 2020. If any player got injured before the deadline date will be replaced but some how the deadline date, the injured player replaced after proper medical of his injury.

There are some guidelines that each team in Euro 2020, has to follow. Once the official 23 players list submitted it won’t change if there is any injury. The injured player before the deadline date can be changed which is set 10 days before the 1st match of tournament.

All teams have to announced their starting XI, for the fixtures 1 hour before the match began. The shirt numbers based on the players selections for the Euro 2020. Which means numbers issued from 1-23 for the teams.