UEFA Europa League Prize Money 2022 (TV Rights & Winners Share)

Europa League Prize Money

Europa League second biggest club competition after Champions League in 2020. The prize money distribution is similar to Champions League fixed based on results and participation of teams. The television rights money on match telecast worldwide. Europa League prize money adjusted for all the clubs from qualifiers to finals.

This year winners share is 10% more in Europa League prize money. The winner of the competition earned (€8.5 million) which later become double for them after including tv rights money and fixed payment on base of the team position.

StandingsPrize Money Payouts
Champions€8.6 million
Runner-ups€4.6 million
Semi Finalists€2.8 million (each team)
Quarter Finalists€1.8 million (each team)
Round of 16€1.2 million (each team)
Round of 32€500,000 (each team)
Knockout round play-offs€500,000
2nd in group stage€550,000
1st in group stage€1.1 million
Match drawn in group stage€210,000
Match won in group stage€630,000
Qualified to group stage€3.63 million (guaranteed) All 32 teams
Total Prize Money€465 million

Teams who made to the group stages of Europa League competition received €2.92 million. All teams who knocked out from the very start of tournament (Preliminary round) received (€220,000) each. Each group victory bring (€570,000) amount into the teams account.

UEFA Cup 2020 Prize Money Details

If the group match drawn both teams earned €190,000 each. Club who stands first in their group received (€1 million) as group winning prize money and 2nd place finishing club earn (€500,000). The 16 teams who lost in the round of 32 collect their share of (€500,000) each.

Eight teams who defeated in the round of 16 received prize money share of (€1.1 million). Four teams who lost in quarter finals of Europa League each team will collect (€1.5 million) from prize money. The two clubs who lost in semi finals each of them get paid (€2.4 million).

The above financial information taken from top sources of football. Currently no information provided how much tv rights money paid to the winning club and runner-ups in the tournament.