Sentry Tournament of Champions 2021 Prize Money Distribution Table

Sentry Tournament of Champions Prize Money

Tournament of Champions the first major PGA tour in 2020. Event held this year in Hawai state at (Kapalua). Tournament of Champions prize money adjusted for the competition. The purse payout’s budget ($6.5 million) in 2019 which increased to $6.7 million for 2020.

The tournament of champions prize money equally distributed among the players from 1-32 positions. The winners share last year is ($1.3 million) and runner-up received ($759,000). All golfers from top 1-32 standings earn their share from the competition.

Prize Money
$1.34 million
Top 3
Top 4
Top 7
Top 8
Top 11
Top 13
Top 14
Top 16
Top 18
Top 19
Top 22
Top 24
Top 25
Top 27
Top 31
Top 32
Total Prize Money
$6.7 Million

This year the tournament of champions winner share will be $1.34 million. Increment of $400,000 in the share of winner than previous tournament. The runner-up received ($760,000). Golfers who finished at third place received ($475,000). Currently it’s the highest purse money after 2014-17 tournaments.

All the prize money financial information taken from trusted sources of golf. Prize money share for top 10-30’s might change depends how the players finished in the event. Further details of the tournament updated here soon. Tournament of champions tv coverage announced at (Golf channel).

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