Alexander Volkanovski vs Max Holloway Purse Payouts

Volkanovski Holloway purse payouts

UFC 251, become the biggest main pay-per-view event in 2020. According to reports, its confirmed that there will be two title fights held at UFC fight Island in UAE. Alexander Volkanovski who is currently holding the title of the (UFC featherweight division) will take on Max Holloway. Both of these two already made headlines at (UFC 245) but Volkanovski dominates the fight and become the new featherweight champion of UFC. Volkanovski Holloway purse payouts compare to their previous fight will be higher this time.

In the previous fight both of the fighters won’t get paid any extra winning bonus money. Alexander Volkanovski after winning the fight at UFC 245, earn ($250,000) straight money and $30,000 from fight incentive week bonus. While his opponent (Max Holloway) received straight money $350,000 and $40,000 from fight incentive week.

Alexander Volkanovski vs Max Holloway Purse Payouts (UFC 251)


Guaranteed Money

Winning Bonus

Promotional Bonus

Performance Bonus

Overall Payout

Alexander Volkanovski






Max Holloway






The purse money for both fighters might increase 30% but the co-main event of UFC 251 take place behind the close door means no gateway income. A report revealed that, UFC wont pay fighters any tv money or pay-per-view money after signing $750 million deal with ESPN. Alexander Volkanovski who is defending his featherweight title lose or win earn $300k straight money and Max Holloway challenger for the title earn ($350k).

Further details based on both fighters earnings updated here later. Maximum amount will increased to $420k if any of the selected for performance of the night or fight of the night bonus. If any changes made to the both fighters earnings details updated here later.