Corey Anderson vs Jan Błachowicz Purse Payouts

Anderson Błachowicz  purse payouts

Corey Anderson all set to take on opponent Jan Błachowicz second time in his career. In the previous main event of UFC 191 held five years ago on 2015, Anderson defeated Błachowicz in three rounds fight on unanimous decision. Anderson vs Błachowicz set for the main pay-per-view card fight on 15th February. Anderson Blachowicz purse payouts compare to other fighters in main card maximum.

Anderson Blachowicz Purse Payouts
Sponsorship  Earnings
Performance   of the Night Bonus
Overall Earnings
Corey Anderson
Jan Błachowicz

In the above table you can see the estimated earnings of both fighters. The payouts details based on their previous fight earnings. The winner received winning bonus, Performance of the night based on the selection of MMA fighter who got selected on his submission movie, or knockout.

Corey Anderson Purse ($10,000) : Anderson is hopeful to make successful return in the start of year 2020. He already defeated once his opponent at UFC 191. Anderson estimated earnings from the fight is ($67,000) and if he wins received 100% of winnings ($67,000), Sponsorship bonus will be maximum upto $10,000 paid to the fighters in main card. Andrson make $210,000 to $250,000 if he got selected for performance of night bonus award.

Jan Błachowicz Guaranteed Purse ($60,000) : He is making comeback to the UFC ring after November 2019. It’s 2nd time in his career, when he will be facing Core Anderson. Jan Blachowicz make $48,000 as of guaranteed purse, if he defeat Anderson in the fight 100% winning ($48,000) included to his overall earnings sponsorship bonus paid equally to both fighters. He will earn $50,000 performance of the night bonus if got selected for it. He can overall make $180,000 from the fight against Anderson.

All information regarding to Anderson and Blachowicz payouts gathered from trusted on their previous fight earnings. If the any changes made to their earnings updated here later.

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