Eddie Wineland vs Sean O’Malley Purse Payouts

Wineland O'Malley Purse Payouts

Sean O’Malley the 25 year American professional fighter back in action for his second UFC fight in 2020. Malley earned victory over opponent (José Alberto Quiñónez) in UFC 248, according to reported salaries of UFC 248, Malley earned $123,500 from the fight. His earnings increased after he got selected for performance of night bonus ($50,000). Wineland O’Malley purse payouts confirmed at UFC 250.

In the given table you can see the purse money of both fighters, the details of their salary gathered from top sources of MMA. Eddie Wineland received career highest purse money at UFC 238 according to details, he get paid $31,000 guaranteed money, $31,000 for winning fight bonus, and received highest sponsorship bonus $15,000.

Eddie Wineland vs Sean O’Malley Purse Payouts UFC 250


Guaranteed Purse

Winning Bonus

Sponsorship Bonus

Performance Bonus

Overall Earnings

Eddie Wineland






Sean O’Malley






Once the UFC 250, event completed and all bonus announced for the fighter details of Wineland O’Malley purse updated here. O’Malley earn UFC pay-per-view bonus 2nd time in main card event. After winning back to back fights, O’Malley per fight salary increased from $40,000 a fight to $45,000. He received overall purse money of $145,000 which include $5,000 incentive fight payout and $50,000 performance night bonus.

Eddie Wineland who dominates against (Grigory Popov) at UFC 238, suffered defeat, his reported salary from the UFC 250, upto ($35,000). A mma source revealed, Wineland earned $4,000 bonus from fight incentive week payout. All information you can see in the give table based on reported salaries of both fighters at UFC 250.