Jan Błachowicz vs Israel Adesanya Purse Payouts

Adesanya Błachowicz Purse

The UFC 259 fight card announced, the main pay-per-view fight event take place between Israel Adesanya and light heavyweight division champion Jan Błachowicz. The challenger, Adesanya moved from middleweight category to light weight category if manage to defeat Jan Błachowicz become the new champion of light heavyweight division. Adesanya Błachowicz purse payouts for the UFC 259 reported.

Jan Blachowicz vs Israel Adesanya Purse Payouts (Confirmed)


Guaranteed Purse

Winning Bonus

Sponsorship Bonus

Performance Bonus

Overall Payouts

Jan Błachowicz  

$1 million




$1.09 million

Israel Adesanya






In the previous fight, Jan Błachowicz earned $750k guaranteed purse and for the upcoming title fight with Adesanya he will make $1 million. No details yet released how much pay-per-view share revenue distributed among Israel Adesanya and Jan Błachowicz. Adesanya recently earned $500k for Yoel Romero fight and $600k for Paul Costa fight in UFC 2020.

Conor Mcgregor, Khabib Nurmagomedov both earned pay-per-view share bonus, a side from guarnateed purse money that increase their purse stake to $8 million to $10 million. Israel Adesanya earn $600k guaranteed money and winning the fight will bring $150k bonus money to his account. If any changes made to Adesanya Błachowicz purse payouts details updated here later.