Venum Fight Kit Partnership Deal with UFC 2021

Venum UFC Deal

After back to back successful fight events held in year 2019 and 2020, many big sports apparel companies looking to sign deal with UFC promotions. The deal with Reebok end next year in 2020, according to reports the six year deal worth of ($70 million). UFC Venum deal value not reported yet but will not be as big as previous deal with (Reebok).

It was announced that Venum will be new outfitting and apparel partner from 2021. This deal will play important role for the fighters appearance fees. The previous deal reported to pay appearance fees maximum $40,000 to the main card fighter and champion. The challenger for the title received maximum $30,000.

UFC new deal with Venum 2021


Sports Apparel

Contract Deal

Fighters Appearance Fees




$60,000 (max) & $5,000 (minimum)

UFC promotional bonus and appearance fees for the debut fighters reported to be $3,500 which will increased $5,000 after the new deal with Venum. The new deal increase the maximum payouts for appearance upto ($60,000) to $50,000 for champion. The challenger fighter in main card would get paid somewhere ($35,000 – $40,000).

Reebok still hold the footwear partner through 2021. MMA sources reported that venum deal with UFC bring big money for the fighters in upcoming year on base appearance fees. The terms of the contract deal not made public and also it’s not as worthy as previous deal of $70 million with Reebok. All information based on venum deal 2021 gathered from trusted sources.