Premier League Football Players Expensive Car Insurance 2020

Footballers Car Insurance Cost

Recently a report revealed about how much money football players spend on their car insurance. The report claimed that (£2,000) professional footballers spend on their car insurance. The high premium is due to the majority of Premier League, Bundesliga, and La Liga players drive expensive cars. Professional footballers car insurance cost them four times more than average living person in the country in 2020.

Football Players Car Insurance Cost in 2020
Insurance Premium
Premier League Footballers
£2,000 – £3,500
LA Liga Footballers
Bundesliga Footballers

The analysis of more than eight million cars insurance inquiries also revealed that sports athlete spend (£1,511) on their annual cover. In the above table you can see the Premier league footballers who own expensive cars, Insurance cost for them (£2000 to £3,500) maximum in a year. Premier league footballers cars insurance premium cost is 40% more than national average pay in UK.

Football players active in La Liga owned expensive car models pay insurance cost upto (£3,000) in a year. Bundesliga football players with valuable cars pay insurance premium upto (£1,500) each year. All information based on Premier league footballers car insurance cost and premium collected from trusted sources.

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