F1 Pit Crew Members Salaries | How Much Money They Earn In Each Season

F1 Pit Crew Staff Salaries 2020

Just like NASCAR racing Formula one also offered pit crew services for drivers and teams. F1 is now among the leading sports racing in the world. Millions of dollars paid to the pit crew staff’s each year for their efforts during the race. In modern day racing only fastest would survive. F1 Pit Crew Members Salaries reported in year 2015 for the first time.

All team bring best of the mechanical engineers, tire changers and crew chief with year of experience. Crew Chief main person of any pit crew staff. He is the one who select tire changers, engineers before the race. Currently not much information about Pit crew salaries available. But here we provide you some details taken from trusted sources racing sports.

Personnel Per Race Annual Salary Race Winning Bonus
Crew Chief$10,000$1 Million$5,000
Refueling Person$5,000$350,000$2,500
Tyre Changers$5,000$350,000$2,500
Tyre Carriers$3,500$270,000$2,500
Jack Men$3,000$150,000$500
Wing Men$3,000$150,000$500
Lollipop Man$1,500$70,000$250
Starter Man$750$40,000$250
Fire Extinguisher Man$500$30,000$250

The highest paid person in Formula 1 pit crew staff is crew chief. He’s the one who hold most important duties regarding to pit stop. The top racing teams in Formula 1 paid expensive salaries to their pit crew staff. Above payroll is not same for all teams. Some teams paid contract based salaries to the staff members.

Refueling person hold the most important responsibility, of fueling the car according laps strategy. A refueling person earn $350,000 annually working with top F1 racing teams such as (Ferrari, Meclarn, BMW and Red Bull Racing). After him its tire changers who select the tires according to weather and circuit. A single mistake in selection of hard, soft and wet tires can led to major failure.

Tire changer and carrier maximum earn $5,000 per race. But a report of GrandPrix in 2018 claimed that tire changer salary can be maximum upto $2,500 per race. The salaries can be differ on the base which crew engineers, tire changers, refueling person is working.

All of the information about the Pit crew members salaries taken from different sources of F1 (websites, news sites, blogs and forums). Crunchy Sports in 2017 revealed the salaries pit crew staff of Meclarn and Ferrari. In 2018, TSM Sports released the salaries details of all pit crew members in Formula 1. Other sources for the payroll (Express UK, Quora, Sports Financial).