Tennis Grand-Slams with Highest Prize Money 2020 (Revealed)

Tennis Grand-Slams highest prize money

There are four major grand-slams each year in tennis calendar held. In 2020, only Australian open prize money increased because it take place before covid-19. But other grand-slams (French Open and US Open) prize money decrease compare to their previous tournaments. Australian Open become tennis highest prize money grand-slams in 2020.

Tennis Grand-Slam with Highest Prize Money 2020


Australian Open

Roland Garros

US Open



$4.1 million

€1.6 million

$3 million

£2.35 million


$2.05 Million


$1.5 million

£1.17 million

Semi Finalist





Quarter Final





Round of 16





Round of 32





Round of 64





Round of 128





Qualifiers Round 3





Qualifiers Round 2





Qualifiers Round 1





Overall Prize Money

$73 million

€38 Million

$53.4 million

£38 million

The detail of all grand-slam event prize money collected from trusted sources. Wimbledon 2020, is the only event that is cancelled this year, Australian Open, French Open and US Open all take place this year. The reason behind no increase in the prize money big tournaments such as (French Open and US Open) corona-virus pandemic, due to which all matches played behind close doors.

The total purse money for each tennis grand-slam based on all categories mixed, singles, doubles and wheel-chair.

There is no gateway income generated, all money comes from sponsorship and tv rights deal of these grand-slam. Wimbledon will be back in 2021, after being cancelled due to covid-19 Impact. The detail of each tennis grand-slams prize money updated next year.