PGA Tour Caddies Salaries in Golf

PGA Tour Caddies Salaries

Golfers earn big prize money at PGA tours. But there is fixed share and bonus paid to the caddies who help the golfers during the tours. In year 2015, Forbes released the list highest paid caddies in golf. According to their report, Micah Fugitt golf caddie of (Billy Horschel) earn $1.57 million which include the 7% share from the prize money. Some golf caddies earn extra if they signed up for sponsorship. PGA tour caddies salaries increased and earn more money than some athletes in a year.

PGA Tour Caddies Salaries
Tournament Earnings
Prize Money Share
Sponsorship Bonus
Annual Earnings
Professional Caddies
$3,000 – $100,000
$1.75 million
Rookie Caddies
Women Caddies
$1,500 – $10,000

In the above table you can see pga tour caddies salaries, male and female earn in a PGA tour. The details gathered from top sources of golf, if the prize money share increase in future details updated here later. Recently a golf blog revealed that, golf caddie earn 10% from prize money share.

Professional Golf Caddie Salary ($1.75 million): A professional golf caddie make $100,000 but not in all tours. The winning golfer caddie make $100,000 from (Major tournaments and world championship) held in a season. Golf caddies make money according to the golfers standings in the tournaments. In 2016, TSM Sportz media reported, lowest a golf caddie make in tournament is $3,000 based on ranking and highest $50,000. J.P. Fitzgerald is one of the richest golf caddies, In 2014, make $1.48 million. He support and carry golf bag of Rory McIlroy who earn $14 million from all major tournaments and golf tours in the year.

Female Golf Caddie Salary ($550,000): Missy Pederson and Mardi Lunn who are well known female caddies in golf. According to reports, female golf caddie who are on PGA tour earn same as other caddies according to the rankings. LPGA tour caddie male or female earnings were different because LPGA tournament prize money compare to PGA tours less. A golf sources revealed that if LPGA tour winner earn $10,000 from prize money her caddie make ($1,000) which 10% of her prize money share.

Rookie Golf Caddie Salary ($100,000): Rookie golf caddie did not earn much compared to pro-caddie in golf. In year 2015, it was reported rookie golf caddie make 7% from prize money share of the (golfer). In 2018, Crucny Sports reported that a rookie golf caddie make maximum $100k in a year based on golfers ranking and selection for the tournaments.

Benefits For Tour Caddie Golf caddies who are on major tours gets better hostilities. According to reports, they get five star and three star hotel bookings. Sometimes sponsorship or endorsement deals paid to caddies for wearing their outfits during the tournaments which increased their yearly earnings.

Golf Caddies Prize Money Share (10%) The prize money share increased from 7% to 10% in last five years. If the revealed reports and numbers in year 2018 accurate, according to that a golf caddie make $10,000 from ($100,000) prize money of golfer. J.P. Fitzgerald and Micah Fugitt make almost $1.3 million in year 2015, when the golfers earn between ($10 million – $14 million).

Golf Caddies Base Salary (2,000) A pro golfers caddie make $1,500 to $2,000 weekly. Which is increased in year 2020, Some golfer start paying $5,000 weekly to their caddies. Pro golfers pay prize money share upto 5% if they finished outside of top 10. Some golfers paid almost 7% share to caddies if they finish in top 10. The winning golfers pay (10%) share to the caddies. In year 2019, a golf magazine reported, if the purse of the tournament $6.5 million, the winning golfer make ($1.15 million) from it, his caddie make ($115,000). If he finished in top 10 other than winning position his golf caddie make 7% which ($50,000) half of the 1st place winning golfers caddie earning.