Tennis Umpires Salaries | Grand-Slam Per Match Fees

Tennis Umpires Match Fees 2020

More than 100 tennis tournament take place within a year. Tennis officials do their duty properly to make sure results will be fair. During the match two umpires perform their duties one as (Chair umpire) and other is (Line umpire). Professional umpires selected for ATP 1000 and Grand-slam events get good salary contracts. Tennis umpires salaries based on their contracts and tournaments.

Category Per Match Fees Grand-Slam Fees Yearly Earnings
Professional Umpires£1,500£5,000£350,000
Women Umpires£750£1,500£200,000
Entry Level Umpires£350N/A£50,000

The above salaries based on the selection of umpires. Professional umpires earn maximum per match (£1,500). But when they got selected for grand-slam events such as French Open, Australian Open or Roland Garros their earnings increased. The above salaries details taken from trusted sources.

But still there is gap between the men’s and women’s pay-scale. A news site revealed that women umpire in a tennis match maximum earn (£750). Women umpires earn £1,500 estimated for their duties in the grand-slam and ATP/WTA tournaments.

Chair Umpire Salary: Professional umpires for chair umpire duty selected for the grand-slam matches. The salary is based on the experience of the match umpire. The umpires who performed duties for ATP and WTA matches earn (£950) per match. But when they called for duty in grand-slam matches earnings get double earn maximum (£5k) for semi finals and finals. Normal grand-slam matches (£3,000) per match.

Chair Umpires Salaries Australian Open 2020

Line Umpire Salary: Major difference in the salaries of Line-umpires and chair umpires. Chair Umpire got more power compared to Line-umpire in a match. According (Sports Munch) line umpire earn (£500) per match fees based on his experience. His earnings double when selected for the main grand-slam tournament matches. In grand-slam per match line umpire get paid (£1,500).

Entry-level Umpires Salary: Added: Entry level umpires one’s who recently joined the tennis officials list. Once they developed with all formats mixed, doubles, singles competition rules they promoted and offered contract for 2-3 years. Entry level umpires also earn (£350) when they selected for any tennis match of ATP or WTA.

Umpires ATP/WTA Match Fees Grand-Slam Match Fees Category
Eva Asderaki-Moore (Brazil)£750£2,325Chair Umpire
Mariana Alves (Portugal)£750£2,325Chair Umpire
Marija Čičak (Croatia)£750£2,325Chair Umpire
Louise Engzell (Sweden)£750£2,325Chair Umpire
Julie Kjendlie (Norway)£750£2,325Chair Umpire
Juan Zhang (China)£750£2,325Chair Umpire
Carlos Bernardes (Brazil)£1,500£5,000Chair Umpire
Mohamed El Jennati (Morocco)£1,500£5,000Chair Umpire
Jake Garner (USA)£1,500£5,000Chair Umpire
Roland Herfel (Germany)£1,500£5,000Chair Umpire
James Keothavong (UK)£1,500£5,000Chair Umpire
Damian Steiner (Argentina)£1,500£5,000Chair Umpire
Gianluca Moscarella (Italy)£1,500£5,000Chair Umpire
Félix Torralba (Spain)£1,500£5,000Chair Umpire
John Blom (Australia)£1,500£5,000Chair Umpire

In the above table you can see the currently tennis umpires salaries. Both women and men tennis umpires per match fee’s mention.