World Rally Championship Prize Money | Drivers Bonus

WRC Drivers Prize Money 2020

World Rally Championship 2022 start from the January. Rally Chile cancel for the upcoming season and Japan Rally included 2022 competition. How much money paid to winning drivers. Total prize money adjusted for the WRC 2022 event.

The ecosystem of world rally championship not built around the prize money. Currently only 5-6 drivers paid for driving in WRC season. Everyone else paying to the manufactures to become part of world rally championship.

Stages Prize Money
Subaru Challenge Award €5,000
Stage Winning Bonus€10,000
Sponsorship Bonus€250,000
Junior Rookie Drivers Bonus€15,000

Some big car manufactures paid money to the drivers for their performance. Sabru, Toyota, and Ford signed some drivers for 2-3 years deal. Which include the share for winning a rally stage. A report (Nasa Rally Report) revealed that mostly drivers become part of WRC as hobby. Only three-four big name earn money contracts.

In 2013, Subaru Challenge Award announced for the Sabaru rally drivers. Each winning driver awarded with (€5,000) according to (Crash). No cash prizes for the lower class WRC 2,3. But drivers finishing in top position offered contracts WRC championship teams.

In the above table prize money mention how much winning drivers get paid for each stage win. WRC stage winner received (€10,000) prize money only some top teams of Rally paid this to their driver. Drivers who compete for championship earn contracts from the manufactures and sponsorship companies. Most expensive sponsorship deal so far revealed is worth of (€250,000) according (Crunchysports).

TV coverage become massive for Rally championship from lower class to upper class. A fixed amount of TV rights go to the winning team according (TSM sports) report about WRC prize money.

How Much Rookie WRC Rally Drivers Prize Money:

WRC revealed the prize money for the Junior WRC drivers. In 2021, season a Junior Rookie driver earn (€15,000) which will give them boost for their future careers. The financial information of rookie drivers earnings take from (Autosport, Fox Sports, and Round&Track).