ATP Cup 2022 Prize Money Distribution Table

ATP Cup Singles Prize Money

ATP Cup where tennis players represent their country. The prize money increased for the upcoming competition. The cup will played over for 10 days. Total 24 countries who qualified for the competition will particapte. Each team earn its share from the total prize money $15 million.

Its competition based on different format where singles, doubles, mixed doubles take place. The prize money awarded to the teams on base of participation fees, match wins and individual cash prizes. The player who finished in the top three spots means reached semi finals, finals and runner-ups earn $250,000.

StageSingles (Winners)Doubles (Winner)
Group Stage$39,400$8,350
Quart Final$78,350$16,700
Semi Final$151,000$32,150

In the above table the prize money is for the Individual’s. The players who reached the final and wins the match received ($290k). The double’s winner share will be ($61K). Prize money is double for the player who defeat the number one ranking player in competition.

StagePrize Money (Per player)
Semi Final$29,280
Quarter Final$17,800
Group Stage$9,000

The above prize money is for the team wins. All players in a team who compete against the opponents earn equally money. In team’s competition both singles and doubles match take place. Novak Djokovic, Nadal and Federer each win the round-robin match brings ($9k) in to their prize money.

The total prize money for the competition adjusted is $15 million. Each player from ranking 1-10 makes ($200,000) and player ranked 11-20 earn ($150,000). Tennis players who qualified for the event ranking lower than 300 earn ($15k) maximum as participation fees.