Rafael Nadal Net Worth

Rafael Nadal Net Worth

Rafael Nadal turned professional tennis player in year 2001. He won his first major grand-slam event in 2005 (French Open). In 2006, Nadal dominates once again in French Open and defeat Roger Federer in the final and retain the title two times consecutive. Rafael Nadal net worth reported ($180 million) according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Rafael Nadal Net Worth ($250 Million) :

Nadal made $35 million last year from tennis. He earned $26 million from his endorsement deals. He is most marketable tennis athlete who got more than $20 million endorsement deals in a year. He earned $9 million from the tennis tournament prize money shares. Rafael Nadal earn career highest money in 2017, tennis year. He makes $6.7 million from two grand-slam titles in 2017 (French Open and US Open).

Rafael Nadal Endorsement Earnings ($25 Million) : Nadal currently earning big money from endorsements. He listed among highest paid athlete list of Forbes with $35 million a year. Nadal endorsed for the top brands such as (Babolat, KIA Motors, Nike, Telefónica, Tommy Hilfiger). His most valuable endorsement contract is with Kia company which he extended for five more years in 2015.

Rafael Nadal Career Earnings (Tennis)
Prize Money Payouts
Endorsement Deals Payouts

$21 million
$20 million

$8.6 million
$24.5 million

$9 million
$26 million

$956,482 (Jan, Feb)

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All information based on the Rafael Nadal earnings, endorsement deals collected from top tennis sources. His net worth details updated after each year on base of his earnings from tennis tournaments during 2020 and 2021